catalog lux nigra polycarbonatum 21
title lux nigra allstars
artists various
release date november 10, 2003
copies 2045
status available
format 5" cd
extras black polycarbonate
length 76 minutes 15 seconds
content old and new favourites from the lux nigra catalog plus some extras
reviews here
features black (general lux nigra interview)
beam me up
tracklist 1 = multipara feat. blaxista: pocket monster 2000. (taken from lnv06)
2 = no movement no sound no memories: acetate. (unreleased)
3 = blackjewishgays: yo! broken out a window in hell [bjgrmxbjg]. (unreleased)
4 = christian gierden: nsk1. shareoom (reappears on lnv32)
5 = biochip c.: liquid silence. (taken from lnv17)
6 = rockin' pony: kot. (taken from lnv19)
7 = arovane: knottel amx. (taken from lnv13)
8 = artificial duck flavour: bisnyrd. (taken from lnv12)
9 = zorn: nigras like us. (unreleased)
10 = lords of gabber: ponylomial c. (unreleased. remix of a track off lnv04)
11 = society suckers: optime prior. (taken from lnv16)
12 = multipara: lehrjahre sind keine herrenjahre. (reedit of a track released on the garten der verschlungenen pfade compilation, pfad 01)
13 = zorn: wu long bai wei. (taken from lnv22)
14 = thaddi: deep pocket, cute monster. (taken from lnv06)
15 = blätter: submerge. (taken from lnv06)
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