catalog lux nigra vinyl 06
title pocket monster remixes
artists various
release date april 5, 2000
copies 1100
status sold out
extras wrong cover edition july 2003
60 copies of lnv06 in a stickered cover of lnv13
not for sale but available as special promo item
ask for details
format 12" vinyl
length 30 minutes
content 7 remixes of "pocket monster" from lnv01 plus the original track
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tracklist A1 = geroyche: pocket monster buy!buy!buy - remix
A2 = thaddi: deep pocket, cute monster
A3 = arovane: monster out of the pocket amx
A4 = multipara: pocket monster
B1 = kick snare kick snare: 4-framecomicstripmix
B2 = artificial duck flavour: pocket monster (extra life)
B3 = multipara feat. blaxista: pocket monster 2000
B4 = black jewish gays: tilt! tilt! tilt! m:x
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